Leaders in the production and supply of boxes since 1976

The activity of the San Maurizio Box Factory began in 1976, with the first production of shoe boxes at the owned factory located in Carinaro, in the province of Caserta.

Since its origins, San Maurizio Box Factory has developed its cutting-edge business in a practical and innovative way. Immediately, the company proved able to satisfy the multiple demands of the market with creativity, competence and efficiency.

The production of San Maurizio Box Factory’s boxes is perfectly capable of satisfying every aesthetic and functional need: corrugated, lithographed, laminated, lined and customised boxes are custom designed and produced on request.

San Maurizio Box Factory is committed to offering products of the highest quality and attention to detail.

For over 50 years, San Maurizio Box Factory has been a industry leader in the production of shoe boxes. Versatility, specialisation and an avant-garde spirit have now made the company a reference point for the national and international market.

San Maurizio Box Factory produces both standard and made-to-measure boxes, guaranteeing high levels of customisation. The shape, the dimensions, the colours, the graphics and the material are carefully selected based on the customer’s requests.

San Maurizio Box Factory has specialised in the production of Shopping Bags in paper or laminated paper: it offers a wide choice of envelopes which can be customised with logos, writings, graphics etc; the different models available satisfy every need.

The customer’s needs always come first.
Contact San Maurizio Box Factory to request a free quote, without obligation: the technicians will carry out a project of made to measure boxes or shopping bags, for a unique and original solution.
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09.00 – 19.00
Zona ASI Aversa Nord, snc 81032 – Carinaro (CE)