Our history

San Maurizio Box Factory, for over 50 years, has been a point of reference in the design and production of boxes and customised envelopes.
In 1976, at its dawn, the company began its business by producing boxes for footwear in Carinaro, in the province of Caserta. Thanks to commitment, specialisation and an in-depth knowledge of the market, San Maurizio Box Factory expanded its production, moving from small artisan origins in the municipality of Carinaro to the highest levels of entrepreneurship not only in Campania, but throughout Italy.
The passion for this work and the eye which is always particularly attentive to the real needs of the customer, have allowed the company to win successes at the national level. As a small artisan company, the company soon became one of the most important manufacturing companies in the packaging sector.
Thanks to the great availability towards the customer’s needs and the wide production possibilities, the San Maurizio Box Factory offers packaging, such as envelopes and boxes, of the highest quality, aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional.
The business of the box factory is characterised by being constantly up to date with the main trends of the sector, always at the forefront and focused on the search for innovative systems for the customer.
The box factory offer offers concrete solutions and complete services, ranging from the design of the packaging to the creation of the prototype, up to the delivery of the finished product.

In addition to a modern production plant, San Maurizio Box Factory has a graphic design office with highly specialised technical staff for the design phase, the development of packaging solutions and the creation of new box models.
Furthermore, the design department is equipped with the most advanced computer systems and, thanks to the specific digital plotter for box factories, the company is able to produce samples and mini-productions of latest-generation boxes.







The company has a graphic design office and guarantees technical and innovative solutions for the design phase, the development of packaging solutions and the creation of new box models.

The design department is equipped with the most advanced computer systems and thanks to the specific digital plotter for box factories, they allow the production of samples and mini productions of boxes.


“Offset Printing”

With Offset Printing the advantage is the extreme definition and the result is the high resolution.
This type of printing, thanks to its precise and innovative process, allows efficient printing on any type of paper, even if not perfectly smooth.
“Colour care”
One of the most important possibilities offered by offset has to do with colour; accompanied by the most sophisticated software, such as Photoshop and Illustrator, Offset Printing allows you to choose your own colour from the Pantone, or directly from a colour swatch created specifically to print colours with special inks.
The care in the choice of colour is decisive for any lithographic or non-lithographic work.
It is above all thanks to the attention and professionalism which the technicians dedicate to this phase for the creation of the box that the box factory always manages to excel in production.



“”Hot printing””

With hot printing it is possible to transfer decorations in gold or other colours onto the paper to be applied on any type of support.
Specifically, “hot foil”, also known as hot printing, allows the graphic of a print (logos and texts) to give a beautiful metallic effect in terms of colour and texture. The most classic metallic effects are gold and silver, but it is also possible to use other metals or non-metallic colours according to requirements: the box factory has the printing technology for the creation of a cliché in magnesium or brass.
Without a doubt, the use of hot printing is one of the most appreciated and used techniques by companies in the marketing and communication field as it is very effective and has a strong visual impact, precisely in the phase in which the sensory perception of the customer is not saturated.
In addition, the structural and raised print develops an important sensation of touch: it not only manages to attract glances, but it also possesses such specific tactile characteristics, such as to make a product perceived as “more accurate”.



The lamination protects the print and makes it qualitatively much more resistant.
The laminating operation is a particular finishing which is performed after Offset printing or before hot printing. If done to perfection, it allows the colour rendering of a printed piece to be improved for a truly excellent end result.
The lamination is, therefore, a solution which can enhance the colours and details of a product.
Thanks to this process, in a few minutes, the box factory enhances the appearance and gives greater resistance to all items in production


“Die cutting”

La tecnica della fustellatura è utilissima per creare la forma desiderata, al fine di realizzare le scatole personalizzate per confezionare i propri prodotti.
E’ un processo che viene utilizzato come metodo di taglio per il cartone teso, un materiale piatto e sottile che grazie alla fustellature assume una forma specifica. Lo scatolificio dispone di fustelle che consentono di tagliare stampati secondo le esigenze del cliente.
I tecnici eseguono un taglio preciso che riproduce, in semplici passaggi, la sagoma concordata con il committente.



The coupling is the final phase of the entire production process, which goes from the first printing to the coupling and from the die-cutting to the gluing.
The box factory always guarantees quality and timeliness, even in emergencies. Coupling, as well as bonding, are one of the most delicate production steps, since coupled cardboard requires specific experience and plants capable of processing the boxes with extreme precision.
The plant’s machinery ensures a uniform and constant coupling throughout the process.