San Maurizio Box Factory, for over 50 years, has been a point of reference in the design and production of boxes and customised envelopes.

In 1976, at its dawn, the company began its business by producing boxes for footwear in Carinaro, in the province of Caserta. Thanks to commitment, specialisation and an in-depth knowledge of the market, San Maurizio Box Factory expanded its production, moving from small artisan origins in the municipality of Carinaro to the highest levels of entrepreneurship not only in Campania, but throughout Italy.

The passion for this work and the eye which is always particularly attentive to the real needs of the customer, have allowed the company to win successes at the national level. As a small artisan company, the company soon became one of the most important manufacturing companies in the packaging sector.

Thanks to the great availability towards the customer’s needs and the wide production possibilities, the San Maurizio Box Factory offers packaging, such as envelopes and boxes, of the highest quality, aesthetically beautiful and extremely functional.

The business of the box factory is characterised by being constantly up to date with the main trends of the sector, always at the forefront and focused on the search for innovative systems for the customer.

The box factory offer offers concrete solutions and complete services, ranging from the design of the packaging to the creation of the prototype, up to the delivery of the finished product.


In addition to a modern production plant, San Maurizio Box Factory has a graphic design office with highly specialised technical staff for the design phase, the development of packaging solutions and the creation of new box models.

Furthermore, the design department is equipped with the most advanced computer systems and, thanks to the specific digital plotter for box factories, the company is able to produce samples and mini-productions of latest-generation boxes.


The San Maurizio box factory has always looked to the future to be constantly at the forefront.


The box factory has worked, over the years, to provide high quality products with the latest generation machinery.


The box factory has worked, over the years, to provide high quality products with the latest generation machinery.